NovaWurks sought a website redesign that would effectively represent the company’s capabilities, the unique concepts they have explored and deployed, and their configurability. They also wanted to highlight their work for high-profile organizations showcasing their rugged and powerful modular HISats™.

LDC wanted to reinvent their annual marketplace for local interior designers, featuring high profile industry speakers, educational opportunities, and an on-site bazaar. Their goal was to increase visibility, enhance showroom exposure, and grow attendance for the spring event.

With their expansion, catering business, and to-go retail division for their famous sauces, Alondra’s sought a revised visual identity including a fresh take on their logo, comprehensive guide, and streamlined graphics for physical and digital use.

For the launch of the new Hollywood Hills by Erinn V. collection, Echo put together an integrated campaign to drive sales and engagement, generate product awareness, and encourage website clicks and media coverage on Facebook & YouTube, a national tour, and much more.

To launch the new Master of Science, Food Industry Leadership program, USC approached Echo to generate brand awareness and encourage enrollments. Using social and digital media, paid and organic search engine marketing, and video production, the program exceeded all expectations for its first cohort.